smilingI thought I’d set up this site to gather together all my different creative schemes into a single cabinet of curiosities. My projects may be varied, but they’re all united by the desire to create, inspire, tell a tale and turn a phrase. Hopefully this will help you gain some insight into inner machinations of the Lesser Spotted Jess.

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I’ve recently moved back to my home town of Wolverhampton after several years in Oxford, where I studied Biological Sciences at Oxford University and tried my hand at gainful employment at places like the Pitt Rivers Museum, Barefoot Books and Oxford Botanic Garden. Throughout this time I also published popular science articles in Bang! Science Magazine (2009), RSPB Bird Life magazine (2011) and Metric Magazine (2013), and featured regular humorous columns in Ocelot Magazine and Catweazle Magazine.

In June 2013 I released a successful sing-along children’s book and audiovisual CD, “A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”, published by Barefoot Books and recorded by The Flannery Brothers, which has become a favourite in homes and schools across the UK and been reprinted in four different countries. I am currently in the process of promoting my debut novel, “Jack the Re-animator“.

Since 2009 I have been writing songs for theatre group Oxford University Light Entertainment Society, and performing as a member of renowned musical storytelling band The Mechanisms, both across the UK and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. My work as a solo musician has also been very well received.

I am currently self-employed as a freelance copy editor/ ghost writer. My most recent commissions include producing the content of Deaffest’s 10th anniversary catalogue, and creating the promotional material for Quantum Power UK’s flagship solar powered car (and I’m more than happy to undertake any commissions you might have).

All these projects and more can be found on this site. Enjoy!


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