BarefootIn June 2013 I had the pleasure of working with Barefoot Books to publish the children’s book “A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”: a rhyming romp through the marine food chain aimed at ages 3-6, complete with beautiful illustrations by Jill MacDonald and a riotously entertaining audiovisual CD recorded by the Flannery Brothers:

The book has become a favourite in homes and schools across the UK and been reprinted in four different countries: the UK, the USA, China and South Korea. I had great fun selecting the most exciting and unusual facts that would truly intrigue young children, and I’m proud to have designed a top-quality learning resource that instills a fascination with the natural world from a very young age.

As well as being available at Waterstones and other booksellers, you can buy the book on Amazon and from the Barefoot Books website. There are also copies for sale in the Southcart Books, Walsall and the Oxford Botanic Garden gift shop.

In June 2016 abridged mini-booklets of A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea were released by English Literacy charity Booktrust as part of National Bookstart Week, and were also reprinted in Welsh for Booktrust Cymru. The booklet is for free distribution to schoolchildren and disadvantaged families across the UK. Bookstrust also produced a run of large books, also abridged to 12 pages, for classroom use.

Barefoot 2

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