covertext“Forget Jack the Ripper. This Victorian villain specialises in restoring the dead to their fully living former selves: but with just as disastrous consequences”.

In March 2015 I released my first novel, Jack the Re-animator, based on an idea I’d been ruminating on for a good 3 years – I even wrote a song about it during that time. The story follows a detective as he tries to get to the bottom of what seems to be the polar opposite of the Ripper case:

“Isaac Wollenscroft, a put-upon junior detective, is dispatched to investigate a spate of grave robberies. But contact from an anonymous Government agency soon turns it into something far bigger: an investigation into reports of previously deceased individuals reappearing in society. Isaac teams up with Adeline Earnshaw, a former spiritualist medium and one of Jack’s first re-animated “victims”. Together they embark on a quest to discover Jack’s identity, which becomes still more urgent when a hanged man, The Angelmaker, is re-animated and resumes his serial killing activities.

Jack the Re-animator draws inspiration from the classic Gothic horrors of the nineteenth century to create an exhilarating and intriguing adventure of love, death, morality and the soul.”

Originally written as part of NaNoWriMo 2014, Jack the Re-animator was published independently in March 2015, and is currently under consideration by Knightwatch Press. You can read more about my inspiration and research for the book in this interview.

If what you see intrigues you, you can buy a physical copy here, or download it in eBook form on Amazon or Smashwords. Physical copies can also be found in Blackwells, The Bear and the Bean and the Albion Beatnik Bookshop in Oxford, and Southcart Books in Walsall.

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