You can find all the creations I currently have in stock on my Etsy page.

The first thing I ever sewed, when I was 9, was a herd of 50 pot-bellied pigs. The sense of godlike power that came with being able to create whatever obscure species I was obsessed with at the time has never really worn off. I mainly sew by hand, or on a 1920s treadle Singer sewing machine, often using recycled fabrics such as velvet scarves or paisley shirts. All patterns are made to my own design, or modified to suit the often bizarre specificity of the creatures I sew. You can read more about my techniques and inspirations in this interview.

It ain't so bad 019
My 1920s Singer sewing machine, still with the original enamel decoration of scarab beetles and lotus flowers, part of the Ancient Egyptian craze sparked by the recent discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

One of my most popular creations is the octokitten. These adorable squamous abominations have captured the imagination of Lovecraft fans across the country, and have even become part of The Mechanisms‘ official canon:

As a Marine Biology aficionado, I also specialise in a range of adorable cuddly sea creatures, including nautiluses, narwhals, belugas, angler fish, lobsters and even the occasional horse shoe crab…

I’ve even been known to take Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to extreme levels with the most improbable of fabrics…

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in owning any of these creations, or something similar. Do beware of requesting very specific commissions – I was once asked to make a Samoyed dog, and it ended up looking like an alpaca! But I have had a certain amount of success modifying existing designs:octobunny! 001


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