Jessica Law and the Outlaws


Since 2010 I’ve been putting my over-active imagination to good use penning a series of unusual, melodic folk songs, often delving into the the darker side of the genre with an emphasis on setting a scene or telling a story. At the moment, I mainly perform solo, accompanying myself on mandolin, piano or resonator mandolele, and frequently enlisting the help of a band of itinerant musicians (the Outlaws) for studio recordings. My music has variously been described as:

“A collection of intriguing folk songs, packed with expressive lyrics, strange rhythms and creative instrumentation.” –Ocelot Magazine

“Packed with emotion, surprise and wit.”The Daily Album

“Someone… who’d probably get laughed off the X-Factor for not being exactly the same as everyone else.”Nightshift Magazine

So far I’ve released four six-song EPs, but I’m always working on something new – so watch this space!

All the Sad Stories (2016)

Languid Little Lies (2014)

The Littlest Libertine (2013)

Rogue’s Gallery (2011)

You can keep up to date with upcoming gigs and other musical exploits on my Facebook Page.

The Mechanisms

mechs line better

I’m also a former member of the Steampunk storytelling space pirate collective The Mechanisms, who specialize in space-opera retellings of well-known myths and legends, twisting traditional folk tunes to their own nefarious purposes. Between 2010 and 2015 I provided mandolin, glockenspiel, penny whistle, harmonica and vocals for three albums and numerous live shows, which have been described as follows:

“Great loves and great battles zip by in spectacular set-pieces set to rousing rounds and shanties and encrusted with nice throwaway details”Time Out

“Ruckus was had, disdain for humankind was entertained, and a massive applause followed. This was an utterly spellbinding performance — not to be missed!” – edfringe review

“Powerful, gripping, and at times humorous, their uniquely twisted brand of space-folk ran the gamut between pathos and fury and at one point had audience members up dancing and stamping.” – The Cutlery Drawer

“Ostensibly folk, but folk run over with a steam-powered bus driven by Homer”The Ocelot

So far The Mechanisms have released the following albums:

High Noon Over Camelot (2014) is a space-Western reworking of the Arthurian legends, inspired by the Spaghetti Western soundtracks and set on an abandoned space station slowly falling into the sun.

Ulysses Dies at Dawn (2013) is a Film Noir retelling of the Greek myths, played out against the backdrop of a cyberpunk dystopia where death is both illegal and impossible.

Once Upon a Time [in Space] (2012) tells the story of Snow White’s bloody rebellion against the villainous Old King Cole in a space-opera retelling of Grimm’s Fairytales, set to rousing sea-shanties.

Watch this space for more!

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