Popular Science


Science and nature have always been my main passions in life, and I’m never happier than when communicating my passion to others. I love to uncover the most bizarre and improbable corners of the natural world, and I have a knack for communicating complex science in a way that is interesting and accessible to the general reader. Here are some of my favourite examples, spanning from 2009 to the present, which originally appeared in a variety of different publications. Do get in touch if you would like to feature any of these articles, or something similar, in your own publication.

The World’s Oldest Solar Powered Car (January 2015) was written as a press release for Quantum Power UK to promote a breakthrough in solar power technology.

“I Wanna Be Like You”: Culture, Tool Use and Higher Order Thinking in Non Human Animals was featured in issue 2 of Metric Magazine, June 2013.

Concerning Ants and Altruism was written for the Wellcome Trust science writing competition 2013.

Sexual Selection: Evolution Gets Intimate was written for the Wellcome Trust science writing competition 2012.

Feather Forensics was featured in the September – October issue of RSPB Bird Life magazine (aimed older children) in 2011.

Hail! To the Snail was featured in issue 3 of Bang! Science magazine, November 2009.

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